Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Adjusting to our New Normal

Yesterday, in the effort to live up to the motto of "Life Must Go On", I dragged Hugh and the Man-Cub out to the pumpkin patch. While the excursion wasn't the same without The Teenager, we all managed to put on a brave face before diving into the search for this year's annual sacrifice to the carving gods. And, it turned out to be a lovely way to spend an absolutely gorgeous autumn afternoon (seriously, the weather has been crazy-gorgeous here, unseasonably warm and mellow).

We each found the perfect pumpkin, including one that we chose for the absent Teenager, and, once home; carved our masterpieces while watching Moonshiners and eagerly awaiting the first roasted pumpkin seed (they turned out pretty spectacular as well).

So, I accomplished the first traditional family holiday activity without The Teenager in the house, and, while weird, it did not break me.

I just might make it as a half-empty-nester after all.

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