Wednesday, October 08, 2014

I Feel Crafty

Last Halloween, I made a deco mesh wreath that was supposed to look like a witch. It turned out really well and I felt super-smug about my creativity. Granted, that wreath design was all over Pinterest, which made it about as original as dirt, but, still, super-smug.

This year, when I saw a pair of witch legs at the store, I picked them up, thinking that I would make another wreath or the witch-legs-hanging-from-an-umbrella craft that is making the Pinterest rounds this year.

Then, on my way to work yesterday, I saw a design painted on a store window and I got inspired to try something completely different, and, dare I say, original.

This was my inspiration...

...and these were my materials...

...the work in progress...

...and, the finished product...

I feel more than a little smug about this craft. In fact, I feel pretty damn smug. Not because I designed and created this all on my own, but because I actually finished it without procrastinating or getting bored and leaving it halfway finished **cough**every other craft I've started**cough.

The fact that it is super-cute and kind of awesome is totally beside the point.

The last picture was taken with my phone and it really does not do the thing justice, like at all; I foresee a magazine-worthy photo shoot in it's future. Unless I get bored. Or distracted. Or lazy.

So, yeah, there will never be a better picture.

You can't have it all.

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