Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Still the Boys of Fall

Yesterday, the Fearsome Foursome played in one of their last home JV games. They won 34-6, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I had my camera, which, created the perfect triangle of events for convincing the boys to pose for their annual photo.*

I was hoping to recreate the sunset photo that I took of them last year, but, the light of the day was slightly less mellow than it was at this time last year, so,  didn't exactly nail the details. It didn't matter, though; I got some shots that made me happy and I can count another successful image for the scrapbooks (once I finally get around to catching up on those scrapbooks, that is).

*This proved less of a challenge than one might expect from teenagers. So, I've either trained them really well or I've broken their will to resist. Works for me, either way.

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