Monday, October 06, 2014

File Under: Things They Don't Tell You

My glasses came in today. As far as my appearance goes, there is no change; I used my old frames for the progressive lenses, so I look just the same as I always have.

You know, like this...

The improvement in my eyesight when I am wearing the glasses is still up for debate, on the one hand, I can see certain things, at certain angles, better than without the glasses. On the other hand, things at certain angles that used to be clear are now fuzzy.

The tech at the eye doctor's office assured me that I just have to get used to where to look through the lenses depending on what my goal is for my vision.

What the tech didn't tell me was that my depth perception would be shot to shit and that bumping into walls and experiencing motion sickness would be fairly normal side-effects, and, I don't know about you, but; looking like a drunk in the workplace is not exactly my idea of making a professional impression.

I don't care if I can see 50% better.

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