Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Witch is Witch

I am finally getting around to posting a picture of the new witch wreath that I made last week. I think it turned out pretty cute. Apparently, I am not over the witch-legs theme of crafting, however, as I am awaiting the arrival of another set of legs with which to try a new craft. For a while, I thought that I would make another cauldron, but, I think I am going to branch out to something new, stay tuned.

Or not. Your call.

Anyway, here is the latest witch wreath...

It matches the garland, which makes sense since I was trying to use up the leftover material...

...the sparkly legs are what make it super-cute and I actually think that I like this wreath better than the one that I made last year. Although, I like that one, too. I just like witches, what can I say?

That includes the ancient bushel-basket witch that I made way back before the Man-Cub was even born, and, which, I will picture below. That witch was one of my first crafting projects and she was made during an afternoon spent with my mother and sisters, which makes her all the more special.

Anyway, with this latest addition to the porch, I am officially done with my Halloween decorating.

Until I finish the craft that I alluded to earlier, of course. Then, I'll totally be done. For sure. I mean, I'm almost positive I will be done.

Unless I think of something else that I can't live without making, anyway.

But then? I'll totally be done.


Must. Stop. Crafting....

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