Sunday, September 27, 2015

Done, and Done!

I finished everything on my weekend to-do list! Well, other than clearing out the garden, but, that's ok, I'll get to it next weekend.

On a sad note, Hugh broke the frame on my antique iron bed while attempting to put it back together following it's relocation to the new guest room. He is confident that the guys in our shop can weld it back together and I hope he is right; I love that old bed.

The now empty guest bedroom will remain empty for the foreseeable future, as I am at the mercy of Hugh's wiles when it comes to ordering the cabinets and countertop that will form the main workspace for my scrapbooking haven.

Last night, I did bid on a storage unit that fastens to the wall; unfortunately, I didn't win, but! I found the exact unit on clearance at Target an hour later, so, boo-ya! Drove up the bid, which meant more money for the recipients of the fundraiser AND I got what I wanted for less than a quarter of what I was prepared to pay at the auction. It's going to look fabulous in that room, once Hugh gets on the ball.

Right now, I am helping The Teenager with her homework before she has to head back to Neighboring City. She came in late last night and, today, I took her shopping for a black skirt and sensible pumps for a presentation that she is due to give on Tuesday. I also allowed her to "shop" my pantry and freezer, and am confident that she will not starve when she returns to school.

I am amazed by just how much I accomplished this weekend, considering how crummy I felt last week. I hope I can keep up the momentum at work this week.

Although, I would never pass up an opportunity to nap.

Just sayin'.

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