Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Goodbye, September

So, how did I do on that September bucket list that I came up with at the beginning of the month? Well, let's see:

-Make the perfect risotto. Done, and done! The butternut squash risotto that I made was killer; the entire family liked it.

-Say something nice about someone, everyday. Let's go ahead and combine this with the next goal, which was to say something nice TO someone, everyday. I really feel like I accomplished both of these goals. I don't even think it was hard, mostly because I try to be a fairly nice person, anyway.

-Help The Teenager make a safe and comfortable new home. This was a no-brainer. Although we don't officially close on the new house until Monday, The Teenager, Katie, and their third roommate are safely ensconced in their new digs. They've made it pretty darn cute, too.

-Help with a football team dinner. Fruit kabobs, anyone?

-Take pictures that make me happy. Another no-brainer, the kids being my favorite subjects more often than not. Examples include:

-Take pictures that make other people happy. I enjoyed this goal, because photography has tended to be my go-to method of sharing with my friends. I don't think I'm bragging when I say that a lot of my pictures make people happy, but here are a couple of my favorites from this month:

 This one made a friend of ours very happy.

This is the moment that our very special friend was announced as this year's Homecoming King

And this was the moment that he crowned his Queen.

-Send summer off in style. We accomplished this goal on the lake. Because, of course we did.

-Embrace fall by decorating the house and porch. Yeah...I never actually got around to doing this. The weather was just so unseasonably warm, and the flowers on the porch just continued to bloom and bloom...I have, however, decorated for Halloween, so, I'm not a total loser.

-Cook a big pot of butternut squash soup. This has also not happened, yet. See above: Unseasonably warm and not soup-making weather.

-Go to the gynecologist to make sure I am a normal hormonal mess and not an abnormal mess of some type. One painfully thorough pelvic exam and an endometrial biopsy later and I can honestly say that I am a normal hormonal mess. Yay?

And, that's it for the September goals. Tune in later as I set some fantastic new ones for October, look for them to include marathon horror-movie-watching and epic bouts of chocolate bingeing!

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