Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Scared Straight

We have no internet again. It was up briefly last night and then went down again this morning. I am growing increasingly frustrated with the customer service that the company has provided and am encouraging Hugh to switch providers. This is unfortunate since we have only had this service since June.

In brighter news, I got the results from my biopsy back and there are no indications of cancer. The official diagnosis is an unstable endometrial lining, prone to bleeding. 

Um, I'm no doctor but, duh?

Anyway, recommended treatment is progesterone therapy. No thanks, synthetic hormone therapy is what we have long suspected triggered my mom's breast cancer; I'll just take my chances with the bleeding. 

Ironically, that issue has cleared up a lot over the past few days, which leads me to believe that my uterus was scared straight by its handshake with King Kong. 

That'll teach it. 

In Homecoming news, today was Character Day and the Man-Cub went as Joe Dirt. It was an inspired choice and I can't wait to show the pictures, you know, once the expensive internet service that we pay for starts working again. 

Maybe it needs a handshake from King Kong to scare it straight, too. 

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