Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Walk Away, Gentlemen

Ok, so it's just us, now, ladies. I am about to enter into TMI Territory and I have reason to believe that the gentler sex would not be able to handle what I am about to divulge.

The past three days, my uterus has been engaging a counter-attack in what I am guessing is retaliation for the unjust treatment that it experienced at the hands (ha, literally!) of my gyno. It's been a bloody war; so bloody that tampons have actually ejected themselves from my body without an assist, if you know what I mean (see? TMI. Hey, you were warned).

I am chalking it up as my new normal, but, I can see now why Scared Straight Programs aren't considered to be Evidence Based Practice; my uterus was only momentarily rehabilitated by that biopsy.

On the bright side, I am home from Denver now, so my tampons can at least safely on home turf like the renegade paratroopers they are.

You are welcome for the mental image.

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