Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Homecoming 2015, Days One Through Three

The internet has been restored  and I am able to catch up a bit on the Homecoming festivities and the pictures that go along with them (she said with an eye toward the Fates, who may yet smite her ability to blog simply for spite).

Day One, as you may recall, was Pop Star Day, during which the Man-Cub posed as the late, great King of Rock and Roll... two was Character Day, and the Cub did a fabulous job of channeling his inner Joe Dirt. I have it on good authority that he wore both of his costumes for the entire school day, which goes a long way in reassuring  me that he wasn't just wearing them for the pictures in order to humor me. Thanks, son.

Today was the day for the traditional Color Wars competition between the classes. The juniors drew green, which, would have thrilled The Teenager, the Man-Cub? Yeahhhh...he's colorblind; green is his Kryptonite (ha! Literally!).

He was a good sport about it; he allowed me to pick out a green t-shirt and a sweatshirt to go over it. Had The Teenager not already moved out, I would have suggested that he root through her closet for something (a full ninety percent of her closet consists of green clothing, after all), but, I didn't mind taking him shopping.

This evening, the annual Powder Puff Football game will be played. The Fearsome Foursome have been coaching the Freshman/Junior team all week and we have high hopes for a victory; Mom arrived earlier today to spend the rest of the week with us, and we are really looking forward to cheering for just that.

And, that brings us up to speed on the Homecoming doings, thus far. How about another picture of the Cub, just for fun, though?

Don't mind if I do.

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