Saturday, September 19, 2015

Homecoming 2015, The End

Remember how, last year, the Man-Cub hemmed and hawed and didn't get a Homecoming date until the morning of the dance? Well, this year, he thought he had better plan ahead, so; he asked someone a whole five days before the dance.

Of course, the girl goes to a different school, which meant filing some paperwork with our school, clearing her to attend; paperwork that had to be completed and to our school no less than three days before the dance. Thank goodness for fax machines.

Anyway, the paperwork was filed, new dress pants, shirt, and tie were purchased, flowers were ordered, and a dinner for eight was planned, all within four days time. Thank goodness for the mothers of the Man-Cub's friends, who pitched in with beef and chicken shish-kabobs and wine (No, the wine wasn't for the children; after the week I've had, I would be crazy to share), and, we managed to pull off a really nice dinner.

As usual, the kids were polite, well-mannered and utterly adorable, and, I got some great pictures. The Cub's friend is sweet and fit in perfectly with all the other girls, and they were all laughing like old friends when they left the house for the dance.

Once they were gone, Hugh and I joined several of the other parents at the home of the Booster Club president for an adult bonfire, prior to the kid's bonfire, planned for after the dance. I managed to stay on my feet for almost two hours before my meds finally started to wear off, and then I came home to collapse on the couch, where, I will remain until the Man-Cub makes it back home, officially bringing the Homecoming festivities to an end.

It's been a great week.

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