Saturday, September 24, 2016

Homecoming 2016, Day Five

So, not only was yesterday the Man-Cub's birthday, but, it was the day of the Big Game, so, there was a lot of pressure on the universe to make it a good day.

Spoiler: The universe did not disappoint!

The Cub was celebrated at the Homecoming pep assembly, where his friends and classmates took the unprecedented risk of choreographing a somewhat scandalous lap dance for him; the dance was performed by several of the Cub's besties, including Mikey, and, rumor has it that there were bikinis, bike shorts, and boas involved. I didn't attend the assembly (If only I could go back in time!), so the only proof I have that this actually happened was a Snapchat screenshot  sent to me by QB.

Well, that and the announcement that school administration will be conducting an investigation of the Student Council, who planned the skit.

Really, people? Insert eye roll, here.

The Cub's friends also managed to prank him with a truck-full of balloons, which I found hilarious, although, I'm not certain the Cub shared my amusement.

And, carrying on the family tradition; the Cub was crowned Spirit King at the assembly (Yep, still kicking myself for not going. Also, I am clearly raising royalty; it's like my thing), so, it was an eventful morning.

The afternoon consisted of the annual Homecoming parade, during which the Cub and his classmates rode on a float featuring the traditional d├ęcor of an outhouse and an old couch, although, in this case, the outhouse was a port-a-potty since the outhouse that has been used for generations went missing, somehow. Points to the Seniors for making do in a pinch.

At the parade, the Booster Club officers presented our husbands with a little token of our appreciation for everything they do to support our efforts (hauling equipment, painting the football field, rebuilding baseball dugouts, talking us down from our Crazy).

The flasks are the male version of our blingie Mom shirts, and, I think they loved them.

After the parade, I joined BCPE (Booster Club President Extraordinaire) at the High School, where we enlisted the help of a few football players to make the run-through banner for that night...

...then I went home to gather up Hugh, my mom, QB, Katie, and Emms, as well as two pump-pots of hot cocoa, five blankets, hats, gloves, coats, pom-poms, spirit sticks, posters, and everything else that I could think of to keep us warm and enthusiastic through what was predicted to be a very cold night.

And, cold it was! But, the boys kept us on our feet, cheering for each of their FIVE touchdowns! The final score was 35-7, which gave us a definitive victory.

It was a great way to celebrate the Cub's birthday, and, if I had to have a final Homecoming with the child, I couldn't have asked for a better way to go out.

Tune in tomorrow, when I share pictures of lord knows how many kids who show up at the house for lasagna and French bread; the Cub has apparently invited the whole school and we have no clear number of how many to expect will take him up on the offer.

This could get interesting.

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