Friday, September 02, 2016

Let's Get This Party Started

Last night, the Booster Club President Extraordinaire hosted the first football team dinner of the season. Because the coach still has not supplied us with a list of the underclassmen parents (despite having promised it to us several times, now), I, and a few of the other Senior Boosters turned out to help.

The boys enjoyed the hamburger fry, descending on the buffet line like it was a recently fallen carcass and they were a pack of starving wolves. It wasn't the first time I have witnessed the phenomenon, but it was one of the most impressive displays of scavenging that I have seen to date.

After decimating the food supply, the boys retired to the yard for riotous games of cornhole and some soda can pyramid stacking that confirms they are 100% ready for the challenges of college frat parties, if not for college course work.

After feeding the boys and cleaning up the scraps, the adults retired to the dining room, where we spent the next couple of hours punching out photos and assembling the pins that parents had ordered for the season. While I lost track of how many buttons we made, I do know that we cleared $400 in profit, which, at $3.00 a button, would indicate that we made a shit ton.

Or, approximately 130 or so.

By the end of the evening, we all felt pretty much the way my friend, Clara indicates in this next picture...

...but, we were done (with this round, middle school sports still to come; kill us, kill us, now).

Tonight, we travel over the mountains for our first kick-off of the season. The boys are pumped, the parents are pumped, and we are ready to take this season by storm!

Friday Night Lights, y'all!

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