Sunday, September 25, 2016

Homecoming 2016, Day Six

This is it: my last Homecoming post, ever.

Last. Ever.

This was the last time that I got to watch the Man-Cub dress up for the Homecoming dance, the last time that I got to cook Homecoming dinner for the Cub and his friends, the last time that I got to force them all to smile pretty for pictures for the Homecoming album.

I would say that it was the last time that I got to watch the Cub and his date leave for the Homecoming dance, but, since the Cub decided to go stag, that actually happened last year. In his defense, girls do bring the drama and I can't blame him for deciding to go alone , rather than hurting any one girl's feelings (my son is the most polite player in the history of players, apparently. Also, I totally heard that as "playa" in my head, thanks, pop culture references!).

I am planning to demand that he take a date to prom, in case you are wondering.

Anyway, the kids enjoyed a lasagna dinner, prepared by myself and several of the other parents, and, once the kids left for the dance, Hugh and I joined said parents at one of their homes for adult beverages and conversation. I'm really going to miss the social aspect of having kids in the house, once the Cub jets off for college.

You know, among the many things that I will miss.

Now I'm getting misty, so, rather than dwell on the sadness surrounding my impending empty nest, let's look at some pictures, shall we? Yes, we shall.

I love this picture, because, right after this, Mikey's date threatened to smack him if he didn't stop flinching every time she came near him with the boutonniere pin.

Then, she cocked a fist back, just to show she was serious. Hey, this girl is NJROTC and she conducts the marching band; I'm pretty sure she could deliver a solid punch.

Trace and the Cub thought it was funny, too.

Photo bomb!

Damn, I'm gonna miss these kids.

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