Thursday, July 20, 2017

Business After Hours

This evening, I accompanied my co-workers to a local brewpub to celebrate the departure of one of our own; she and her husband are relocating to Pennsylvania, where they have extended family, and where they wish to raise the baby that they are expecting in November. It was a bittersweet celebration; we are very happy for them, but, will certainly miss her positive energy around the office.

While we were at the restaurant, we indulged in a wide selection of appetizers, and, by wide selection, I mean, every appetizer on the menu.

Every. Single. One.

And, we ate Every. Single. Bite. True story.

Then, we roasted the guest of honor with stories about some of her less-than-ideal encounters with clients as well as sharing memories of times spent together over the past four years.

Then, because goodbyes are awkward and sad, and, because no one wanted to cry, we organized a farewell victory tunnel, instead.

It was an enjoyable way to spend the evening; the company could not be beat, and, the fact that I am still full is a happy bonus.

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