Saturday, July 29, 2017

On The Road To Mayberry

This morning, I packed the Tahoe with all of the ingredients and equipment necessary to host a Bloody Mary/Mimosa bar for sixty or so people, and, Queen B and I set off for Mayberry.

We made a stop along the way, specifically to view the field of sunflowers that a neighbor has been growing this summer; the flowers have finally opened up and the view is stunning.

Once we got to Mayberry, we hustled over to the rodeo grounds to catch my niece in the slack, which is the preliminary competition of a rodeo. She and her dad were team roping and she was also competing for a spot in the barrel races.

The evening was spent at the country club with my fellow members of the Class of 1987. Queen B accompanied me to that as well, but, she dipped out to attend the dance long before the juiciest of the high school stories were told (good thing).

Tomorrow, I am hosting the previously mentioned Bloody Mary/Mimosa bar during the annual Stampede parade, and, if I am correct (and, I am almost always correct), there will be even more classmates and a few more juicy stories.

Details to follow, I'm sure.

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