Monday, July 31, 2017

No Biggie, My Ovaries Were Dust a Long Time Ago

I got the pathology results from my recent biopsy today, and, as expected, they were normal. This points to my "issues" being caused by a probable hormone imbalance which, the Good Doctor explained, indicates the need for a hormone replacement protocol, heavy on the progesterone.


Not happening.

Just because my ovaries are so old they are literally coughing dust does not mean that I want to go messing around with the fake hormones; that shit most likely caused my mom's breast cancer and, I kind of like my breasts intact (don't tell them; just today I complained about them getting in the way of my wearing a really cute button-down shirt).

So, rather than signing up for monthly pharmacy deliveries, I will tough it out on the Peri Menopause Train, irregular, unexpected bleeding and all.

Fuck, it's awesome to be a female!

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