Sunday, July 16, 2017

This Week's Thoughts on Biiiiig Brother

- I TOLD y'all that Jessica would be the downfall of Cody. Yeah, yeah, him being a massive dick contributed, but, still.

- Dear Jessica, henceforth to be known as Messica: False eyelashes have no place in an endurance competition.

- Paul laying out Alex's options for nominees as though she has no say in the matter, despite her being, you know, the actual HOH, is just as narcissistic as one would expect, considering that Paul is a narcissistic asshole.

- Mark continues to be clueless. Sweet, but clueless.

- Christmas's competitive crossfit career is kaput (say that five times fast).

- Matt is the prettiest scenery in the house. As for his game play...Matt is the prettiest scenery in the house.

- Kevin should adopt Ramses. It'll be a remake of Different Strokes for the new generation.

- I'm not looking forward to next week, when the ejected houseguests get to battle for the chance to re-enter the house. I wonder if they gave Megan the option? Actually, I wonder how long it took her to say FUCK THAT, if they did.

- I was desperately hoping that Raven would eat a damn sandwich, considering the fact that it looked like you could actually see her internal organs through her skin. Then, she casually announced that she has a gastric pacemaker on account of her gastroparesis and I wanted to slap myself. I bet she wishes she could eat a sandwich too.

- I can't believe I've hung in this long; I might just make it to the bitter end.

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