Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Recipes From the Porch: Summer Berry and White Fruit Sangrias

The sangrias I served at last night's Porch Night were possibly the best sangrias that I have ever made. I chose to make two varieties because my friends are equally divided between sweet wine drinkers and dry wine drinkers and I wanted to cover all my bases.

And, speaking of bases, I need to digress for a moment: last night, the ladies each brought a designated driver in the form of a son recently graduated from high school (with the exception of Mama Jill, whose DD will graduate next May, obviously). While we guzzled delicately sipped our sangria on the porch, the boys were in the house watching baseball. After the last drop of sangria was drained from the dispensers, the boys bundled their mothers off the porch like they were leading  doddering senior citizens to the common room of the old folks home for a rousing game of bingo. There were reminders to collect sweaters and purses and gentle admonitions about watching their steps on the stairs, as well as good-natured teasing about the obvious limitations in our alcohol tolerance.

It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

I'm going to miss these boys; they make our world a safer (and sweeter) place.

And, speaking of sweet, on to the recipes, done in true Ms. Congeniality style, which is to say, poorly conceived and badly executed. You've been warned.

Summer Berry Sangria:
-1 bag frozen whole mixed berries
-1 orange, thinly sliced (And, not pictured because I continue to forget one ingredient in the photos of every gosh-damned recipe I ever post. At least I am consistent)
-1 (very generous) cup orange liqueur (I eyeballed it; could have been a cup, could have been two. Live dangerously, I always say!)
-1 bottle (1.5 litre) Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot
1 litre lemon-lime soda

Yes, the bottles are empty, my picture-taking timing is impeccable, don't you agree?

Mix fruit, orange liqueur, and wine in a container (I used the dispenser that I planned to serve from because it was easier than mixing in a pitcher and transferring the liquid later). Chill in the fridge for several hours, the longer, the better. Right before serving, add chilled soda and give a little stir.

White Fruit Sangria:
(None of the ingredients for this recipe are pictured. I told you this post was badly executed, just go with it)

-1 bag frozen mixed fruit (mango, nectarine, and strawberry)
-2 oranges, thinly sliced
-1 cup orange liqueur (see above for exactish measurement of this ingredient)
-1 bottle (1.5 litre) Arbor Mist Pink Moscato
-1 litre lemon-lime soda

Follow the instructions for the Summer Berry Sangria. This isn't brain surgery.

Serve both drinks over ice. Add additional fruit if desired (I didn't do this because, in my experience, fruit in the glass gets in the way of proper drink delivery through a straw, which, is my preferred method for enjoying this drink).

These recipes come with a very important Public Service Announcement: Because these drinks are tasty and refreshing, it is easy to suck down two or three without a thought. This will result in a ninja-style kick to your ass due to the high alcohol content. You will require the services of a designated driver. Obviously, I recommend well-mannered teen aged boys. I hear they work for snacks.

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