Thursday, August 17, 2017

Another Week on Biiiiiigggg Brother!

- Double Eviction Night!! Let's cut some of the dead weight, shall we?

- For some reason, every time I see Alex in her adventure guide gear, I am reminded of Snoopy and Woodstock.

- Elena has a lot in common with Daisy Duck. It's the lips, I think.

- How many freaking sweaters did Kevin take into that house?

- Cody is going to marry Jessica....suuuure he is.

- Jason's "x-treme" costume is probably not the most ridiculous outfit he has ever worn; he is a rodeo clown, after all.

- Dear Mark: Elena is really not all that into you. Love, America.

- Dear Houseguests: Paul is going to run away with this game because you are all idiots. Love, Someone With More Than One Shared Brain Cell.

- Mark is really good at puzzles, this is a surprise.

- Josh sucks at puzzles. This is not such a surprise.

- Matt also sucks at puzzles. Good thing he's pretty.

- See, Mark? Even Julie Chen doesn't think Elena is that into you.

- What a sadly disappointing Double Eviction Night.

- Seriously Why am I still watching this show?

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