Wednesday, August 30, 2017

This Week's Thoughts on Biiiiigggg Brother! Yes, AGAIN

- I'm still watching this show. This is quite possibly a record for me.

- Matt's beard is threatening to take over his face. This situation is threatening his status as the prettiest scenery in the house. Trim that shit down, Matt!

- Matt: "I don't throw my girl under the bus". Hmmm, wonder how long that will last.

- Could've done without the montage of Kevin's grooming routine. Shudder

- I am soooo over Alex's cat-ear headband and ridiculously low cut sports bras. Can America vote for a fashion intervention for her? Julie Chen? Are you listening?

- I don't think I've ever been as creeped out by a human being as I am by Kevin. Again; shudder

- I am beginning to think that Josh lacks an indoor voice.

- A condom stash? Ok, who packed the rubbers?

- Kevin's dismay at the trashed house almost makes me feel sorry for him. Except, he's totally creepy, so, yeah...not so much.

-  Seriously, Matt, baby, trim that facial hair.

- What the...are Kevin's pinkie nails painted red? They are. Weird and creepy.

- And that's it for the showmances this season.

- Man, I hope they send Raven home tomorrow, there won't be anything pretty in the house if Matt is evicted.

- Bet they have a razor in the jury house. Just sayin' Matt.

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