Thursday, August 10, 2017

You Can Never Have Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Mom, Jana, Granny, and I just spent two hours on our feet in the kitchen, decorating the cake for tomorrow's luau, and, can I say; those feet are now killing me.

The cake, which we will reveal tomorrow, challenged me from the minute I pulled the first layers out of the oven last night. Seriously, I have never had such issues with my cakes not rising, with them falling in the center, and with them crumbling when I removed them from the pan. It was frustrating in the extreme.

On the bright side, I had extra cake mix on hand to replace the worst of the offenders, and, I had all hands on deck tonight when it came time to work with the fondant that I needed to create my design (as an aside, I will never work with fondant again; that shit is of the devil).

Plus, any day that I get to work in the kitchen with Jana, Granny, and my mom is a good day.

Tune in tomorrow when I reveal the cake in all it's glory. You know, assuming it doesn't mysteriously implode overnight like the pirate ship that I made for the Man-Cub's seventh or eighth birthday did.

Oh my god. I am totally going to worry all night, now.

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