Sunday, August 27, 2017

First Step in Dealing With the Empty Nest Blues

Get a new hobby.

Ok, it's not exactly a hobby, but, I have decided to do something that challenges me as often as possible. And, I started today, with a high mountain hike with Kristi, one of my favorite co-workers.

There were supposed to be three of us on the hike, but, one of my other co-workers dipped out on us before we even got started; less than a quarter of the way into the hike, I realized that she was the smartest of the three of us.

But! I did it! I managed to hike five miles, up steep inclines, and down precarious switch-backs! I climbed, Billy Goat-style, up a sheer ledge, and I did it without falling or throwing up!

Oh, I wanted to throw up. In fact, there was a pretty intense moment when I felt certain that I would throw up, but, instead, I manned up. And, I got to the top of the mountain, where the views were amazing and the air was fresh and clean.

The waterfalls on the way up were a nice scenic bonus, and, with Kristi as my hiking partner, there was never a moment when I felt judged for my obvious physical limitations.

As a side note, I am really, really out of shape. It's time to address that, especially if I am going to continue to challenge myself in any way, shape, or form that is physical.

Looks like we can expect a return of the Exercise Induced Tourettes any time now.

Consider yourself warned.

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