Monday, August 07, 2017

My Tribe

This weekend was one of the most enjoyable that I have had since we got back from Hawaii in June, and, I place the credit for that squarely on the people with whom I spent it.

Friday evening, I joined BCPE and a couple of other Booster Moms (side note: I am now a former Booster Mom. Henceforth, I shall be called The Mom Formerly Known As a Booster Mom) at an event that featured the proprietors of different home based businesses hawking their wares. I got an awesome welcome sign for my front porch (you know, to replace my Home of a Petticoat Junction Pirate sign. Because I am The Mom Formerly Known As a Booster Mom), and I got to catch up on all the gossip that I have missed by not having monthly Booster Club meetings (because I am now The Mom Formerly Known get it).

Saturday, I spent the day in Neighboring City, shopping and grabbing lunch with Queen B, which, are two of my favorite things to do (more on the grabbing lunch with my daughter side than on the shopping side).

And then, Sunday, I got to gather some of my favorite people on the porch for food, drinks, memories, and a photo shoot to end all photo shoots.

Remember the item on my Summer Bucket List about recreating this photo from the kids' childhood?

 Yeah, consider that item checked.

These kids, I swear. They are my heart and my joy. They were such good sports! They even posed for recreations of some other photos we took that day, back in 2008.

 I once read that your birth family is your given family while your friends are your chosen family; I can say that I have been blessed on both counts. And, in truth, having Chris and Jana and the kids all together was exactly what my summer had been missing.

Of course, I wish it hadn't taken us all summer to pull it together, but, for now, my heart is so full.

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