Sunday, August 13, 2017

In Which We Pig Out

When I awoke to cloudy skies on Friday, I was certain that our luau was doomed. After all, it had rained almost incessantly since the beginning of August, so, why should that day be any different? And, although the forecast had promised sunny skies and warm temperatures, I know as well as anyone that Mother Nature doesn't follow the instructions of meteorologists and their fancy science crap.

So, I did what any self-respecting party planner would do; I prayed. Hard.

And, the good Lord did not disappoint me; he sent clouds, sprinkles, and gusty winds throughout the day (scuttling my plans to cover the tables with nice tablecloths), but, when 6:00 rolled around, the skies cleared, the sun shone bright, and, the winds died down to a light, refreshing breeze.

I never had a doubt.

None of my irrational fears materialized, either; people showed up (over 70), the pig was perfectly cooked and there was more than enough of it to feed the masses, and, most importantly, everyone had a good time. Oh, and that damn cake worked out. All in all, it was a perfectly well executed luau.

Not bad for a Colorado native and a transplant from the Big Apple.


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