Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Live Blogging This Week's Thoughts on Biiiiiig Brother

- Jess and Cody, trouble in paradise?

- Jeebus. Jess is actually trying to sound reasonable. Color me shocked.

- "And that's why I'm single". Ah, Cody, really? So much for the showmance.

- Don't be an idiot, Josh; Mark outweighs you by at least fifty pounds and I'm guessing he's no stranger to roid rage, continue to poke him and he will smash you, Hulk-style.

- Way to referee the fight there, Invisible Big Brother Producers. "opposite sides of the house", indeed. I wonder if they actually jump out from behind the walls to restrain house guests in the event that a physical fight does break out? Man, I's love to see that.

- Oh, damn; Cody moved out. That would be so much more effective if he could actually, you know, leave the house.

- Jess wants Cody to grovel at her feet. He is...not having it. Wait! Maybe he is...

- I think this may be the moment that Cody becomes the latest male in the house to cry like a baby...

- Damn! Commercial.

- Ok, no tears. But, here we go with the breakup. Step One: Confirmation that he is an ass outside of the house as well as inside...okaaaay. Step Two: "I don't think I can make you happy the way you deserve to be happy"...cliche. Step Three: You're better off without me. Well, he got that right.

- And, he offers to throw himself under the bus to save her game, why? Good grief, these two deserve each other.

- Veto competition!

- Alex, girlfriend, word of advice: your boobs falling out of your sports bra on national television is not a good look.

- Matt continues to be the prettiest scenery in the house.

- Jason actually looks like he could be a weatherman. Huh. Didn't see that coming.

- Cody would make a terrible weatherman. Reading a teleprompter is clearly not a skill in his wheelhouse.

- Ditto, Raven.

- Creepy Kevin's comb-over blowing in the wind is a sight I could have lived my entire life without seeing.

- And Paul wins the veto. Of course he does.

- Jess is totally up for sacrificing Cody as long as she gets Alex's head on a stick. Wow. That showmance worked out well.

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