Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Favorites: Bits and Pieces of Hawaii Edition

We got back from Hawaii at 1:00 this morning, after which I crashed for many, many hours, finally waking at 11:30, which, is unheard of for me. In my defense, it was only 7:30 in Hawaii, and, my sleep pattern must still be there, along with my son.

Sooo, now I am adjusting to a new sleep pattern and an empty nest. This shouldn't be uncomfortable at all.

But, on to today's favorites!

1. The Man-Cub's college campuses and his dorm room are definitely going to be favorites-for the Man-Cub, at least.

He really likes his roommate, Adam, who is from Minnesota, and who had his Jeep shipped over. They have a lot in common (including the fact that they both love the freedom that having Adam's Jeep on the island will bring them); Adam is a dive master and he is excited to certify the Cub so that they can go diving together. In exchange, the Cub is going to teach Adam how to surf.

Yeah, no need to worry about the two of them doing anything crazy. No need at all.

Anhoodle, they really lucked out with a room that sits on the corner of the building, meaning that they have a private bathroom, despite us having paid for a room with a bathroom shared between four people.

The boys did get a bonus roommate the first night...but we don't think he's cut out for the college life.

2. Our new favorite restaurant on the island is Gordon Biersch, a German brew pub (yes, a German brewery on a Hawaiian island) that is located right on the downtown campus. We ate there a couple of times-once just the three of us, and once with the family from Denver that my high school classmate connected us with (they rapidly became favorites as well; it was amazing how much we all had in common). The food was great both nights, and, the sunset view from the patio is to die for.

3.  Exploring the Cub's new home has rapidly become a favorite past time for myself and Hugh. We utilized our rental car to the maximum this trip, and, I'll write an actual post about that, but, it's safe to say that having the freedom to cruise the island was a favorite (which goes a long way in explaining the Cub's excitement at his roommate having a car).

We saw some amazing scenery, dipped our toes in the ocean on two new beaches, explored a botanical garden, hiked to a waterfall, and saw some gorgeous flowers and wildlife, including a seal!

4. I can't lie, I'm already missing my boy, but, knowing that the Cub is happy, fitting in, and excited about his future is the most favorite thing of all, this trip.

This is one of his first Proof of Life selfies (remember, I require Proof of Life, twice a day)...

...he's already killin' it in Hawaii.

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