Sunday, August 12, 2018

It's a Jungle Out There

Queen B and I got back from Mayberry yesterday and I immediately set about storing all of the crates, galvanized steel serving pieces, tablecloths, and other party paraphernalia, which, led to several closet over-hauls and a general organizing spree that hadn't happened in the house in recent memory.

Now, more than ever before, I see the need for that yard sale that I keep telling myself I am going to have. You know, someday.

Anyhoodle, I didn't really get a chance to check out my garden yesterday, except for turning the water on and off. Which explains why, when I went out this morning to see what weeding needed to be done, I was slightly taken aback by the sheer amount of growth that happened while I was in Mayberry (two days, people! I was only away for two days!)...

My yellow zucchini and butternut squashes threaten to overtake not only the garden, but, the potting station, composting barrel, and dog kennels as well.  However, I won't complain about what they are producing.

I counted twelve butternut squash in various stages of growth, with numerous blossoms on the vines; I see a lot of butternut squash soup in my future (and, butternut risotto, butternut squash raviolis in sage butter, roasted butternut, etc., etc.).

My sunflowers are also doing well, which means that I will be able to try brining and roasting seeds this year. I have no idea how one goes about brining and roasting sunflower seeds, but, no doubt Pinterest will have my back.

One thing is certain, I will need to invest in a safari helmet and khaki vest, because, if the garden continues to grow like a jungle, I want to look the part.

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