Thursday, August 23, 2018

Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Hurricanes, Oh, My!

Since the Man-Cub became a temporary citizen of Hawaii last fall, the islands have endured an erupting volcano, numerous earthquakes, and, now, a category 5 storm; his presence appears to be a plague upon the islands.

Just kidding, Cubby; I'm sure the two are unrelated.

But, about that hurricane...yeah. I'm trying not to worry about my son's safety, but, it's kind of hard to do when I am thousands of miles and an ocean away from him as a raging storm bears down. And, I'm not entirely reassured by his frequent declarations of "We'll be fine! We've got it under control!". I mean, I don't think he and his roommates have a cupboard even half-full of Ramen noodles; how are they supposed to survive for up to two weeks (assuming the hurricane hits at full-force, the island loses electricity, the stores run out of food, and the looters abscond with all the bottled water and cat food-not that I am a fatalist by any means, but, I mean....anyone remember Katrina?)?

On the slightly-less-paranoid hand, he and his friends do live on the side of the island opposite of that on which the storm is expected to make land-fall, so, they may be somewhat buffered from the worst of the storm. They will, no doubt, have to deal with high winds, tons of rain, possible flooding, and, perhaps, a mudslide or two, but, hopefully they will be essentially safe.


Gah!!! This is why I require Proof of Life, people!

Anyway, please cross your fingers, say a prayer, toss some salt over your shoulder, sacrifice a chicken, or, whatever it is that you do to ask for protection, the Cub could use it and I would really appreciate it.

Also, Hawaii, I am so, so sorry about the plague of natural disasters; I truly hope that pestilence does not follow behind.

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