Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Queen B's Very Last First Day of School

Yesterday, Queen B started her last semester of college. She's on track to graduate in December and I don't think it can come fast enough for her; she's over school, over the ridiculously high tuition, and over paying out the nose for books and student fees.

I can't say that I blame her.

I also can't say enough how proud of her we are (that was truly terrible sentence structure right there; you'd think that I never completed college, myself). She's worked really hard and handled all of the details of financial aid, scheduling her classes, tracking her grad requirements, and generally behaving like a complete adult, all on her own, with very little assistance from us.

She's a great kid, and, as if I didn't know that already, yesterday's text messages from her sealed the deal: she not only made sure that my record of having a "First Day of School" picture remains intact...

...but she went one further...

I cried, people. Real tears.

That's her first day of Kindergarten, first day as a senior in high school, and her first day of her final semester of college. To say I was surprised is a huge understatement.

Am I one lucky mother or what?

So, 114 days until she officially receives her college diploma and Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

I feel a party coming on!

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