Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Another Pinterest Victory

When I decorated the house for the holidays this past weekend, I used a mix of old and new decorations. The newest were things that I crafted with my own two hands, inspired by pins on Pinterest, and created after viewing instructions on You Tube; I have become cyber-crafty. It's a gift, really. Or, you know, not.

My point is: I have had more than my share of Pinterest Fails, but, my Christmas decorations were a victory.

The materials I used included Deco Mesh (I am having a temporary love affair with Deco Mesh. I'm certain it will pass), a Deco Mesh Work Garland and Deco Mesh Work Wreath form (I got mine on Amazon, but saw them later at Hobby Lobby), shatter-proof ornaments, sheer wide ribbon, various holiday picks, and a glue gun.

The finished products included a wreath and two large garlands. In all, the project cost less than forty dollars and took about two hours of my time, and that includes shopping for the materials.

See why I am enamored of the Deco Mesh?

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