Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Father Winter is Having His Way With My Porch and I'm Totally Ok With It

The snow started falling around midnight last night. We didn't start to see accumulation until around six a.m., and, that accumulation is rapidly coating my porch decorations in a fluffy layer of winter frosting.

It looks quite pretty, and, will look even prettier tonight when the lights are on.

As an aside, the fact that this weather isn't bothering me, that the snow accumulating on my precious decorations isn't making me insane, and that I am feeling a general calmness at the thought of driving to work in a blizzard are all signs that my thyroid medication is working to keep me sane.

Also, I feel really sorry for the person I was this time last year, 'cause this shit would have sent her straight into a downward spiral of desperation and despair.

It's a holiday miracle!

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