Saturday, December 21, 2013

Crunch Time

The Teenager and I spent a couple of hours wrapping presents last night. The Man-Cub piled the presents next to the door, in anticipation of loading them into the car today.

I am ten minutes away from packing my suitcase and both kids already have their suitcases packed and piled in the mudroom, ready to go.

Hugh is in Las Vegas, officiating at a college wrestling tournament and won't meet us in Mayberry until Monday, which, is when my sister and my nephew are also scheduled to arrive.

Old Man Winter and Mother Nature conspired against us with a snowstorm that rolled into the area yesterday, coating the roads in a nice thick layer of ice, but, I am determined to make the drive, whether that means going more slowly than usual, or, not (I'm actually hoping for not, given that my mother has been baking and cooking for the past month and, nothing beats Mom's goodies).

 The cats have been eyeing my open suitcase since I pulled it out of the closet earlier this morning; they know something is up. I have my fingers crossed that our extended absence won't translate into an opportunity for them to trash the Christmas tree or damage the property in some other fashion.

 Who, me?

Anyhoodle, I suppose my ten minutes are up and I should get that suitcase filled. The next time I write, it will be from the warmth and comfort of my childhood home, tucked into the loving bosom of my family.

I don't suppose I have to tell you how much I am looking forward to that.

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