Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Is It Christmas Yet?

Work is kicking my ass and I'm really ready for a break. Luckily, Christmas is just around the corner, and, with it, a trip to Mayberry for an extended visit with the Pod People. The kids are already planning the best ways to exploit the kindness of their grandparents and I am looking forward to a week without taking a crisis call from a client, without having my fingers turn black from counting dirty money, and, without the thought of juggling a multitude of household chores.

And, it goes without saying that I am anticipating the good food, fun times, and slew of new holiday memories that we will, no doubt, be making.

I'm not entirely looking forward to the sub-zero temperatures that naturally occur in Mayberry this time of year, but, a girl can't have everything.

So, ten days and counting.

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