Friday, December 06, 2013

Snow Day

Wednesday's blizzard dumped so much snow on our area, the kids actually got a snow day, yesterday. Granted, by yesterday, the snow had stopped falling and the sun was out, but, having opted not to cancel school during the actual dangerous part of the storm; the school district apparently decided to throw the kids a bone.

I don't understand it, either.

Anyway, The Teenager and her friends took full advantage of the unexpected free time by going sledding while the Man-Cub and his friends spent their time at basketball practice, because; school might be cancelled but practice must go on.

Yeah...I don't understand that, either.

Anyway, the school closure was accompanied by closures of the County government, including the probation department, so; my day at work was decidedly more quiet than a typical Thursday generally is.

I took advantage of the unexpected free time by getting a facial. Then, I joined Jana at the community theater to watch Kaley perform in her choir's Christmas musical. Which, despite school being cancelled, was still held, because, as you know; the show must go on.

That part, I understand.

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