Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oops, I Did It, Again

At the Man-Cub's basketball game last night, I accidentally fell while attempting to climb three steps to my seat in the bleachers. In my defense, the fall was caused less by my lack of grace and more by the fact that I was wearing heeled boots with very little traction, so; I slipped more than I tripped, which, is usually the cause of me going ass over tea kettle.

On the bright side (I'm starting to think that phrase should be the unofficial title of this blog), when I slipped, I didn't really fall; I just, kind of gracelessly sunk into the splits, which, according to the father of one of The Fearsome Foursome, whom I happened to go to high school with; was reminiscent of my cheerleading days.

And, while I don't remember the searing sensation in my inner thighs from doing that particular stunt in my high school days; I appreciated the sentiment, nonetheless.

Also, the Man-Cub was totally preoccupied with warm-ups, so, he didn't have to see the incident, sparing him any embarrassment from having his old lady a) take a graceless fall, or, b) attempt a stunt from her Glory Days.


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