Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear Santa...

I got our Christmas cards out earlier this week, and, with any luck, they have made their way into the hands of our friends and family (USPS, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt, here).

The idea for this year's card came to me sometime around Halloween, when I was searching the stores for an appropriate costume for my office party.

The kids were totally on board with the idea because they didn't have to:
 a.)  Dress up
 b.)  Go outside
 c.)  Witness any sort of affectionate nuzzling between their parents, or,
 d.)  Apply any part of their bodies to an ice-cold flagpole.

I was being extra-generous with them this year, clearly.

Anyway, I give you the theme of the 2013 Casa de Chelle Christmas card....

Dear Santa, We Can Explain....


....Really, we can.

I would post an actual image of the card here, but, Shutterfly won't let me steal my own material, so; this jury-rigged posting will have to suffice. Believe me when I say, the card was put together a lot better, but, you get the basic idea.

I enjoyed the process of creating the props for the pictures and I got a kick out of the theme, given Hugh's profession and all. Hugh did say that this had better be the only time he sees his offspring in prison stripes, and, I must concur. The dog, on the other hand, should wear stripes more often; they really flatter his figure.

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