Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year’s Eve, and, It’s Time to Bust Out the Resolutions for 2014

Last year, I tried a new format when setting my goals; I used the letters in the word Resolutions to guide me. It was a great way to organize my thoughts and I’m doing it again for the New Year.

But, before we get to that, I want to check in with my 2013 resolutions to see how I did.... so:

Relax more…well, I had some relaxing moments. I think.

Eat better…nailed this one in the last three months of the year, following my thyroid diagnosis and the start of my meds. Managed to lose 27 pounds in three months. Not too shabby.

Sleep better…nailed this, once again, after the thyroid thing got figured out.

Organize the best damn Spring Luncheon in the history of my women’s’ club…oh, nailed that bastard, HARD. People are still talking about it.

Learn something new every day…thanks to Day Job, this was far easier to accomplish than one might think.

Use less profanity…yeah, no. I blame Day Job.

Try something new every day…mostly managed this. Not always something amazing or anything, but, I made an effort.

Increase my flexibility…managed this, thanks to the whole Piriformis Syndrome nonsense in my left leg. Stretching became a necessity if I wanted to walk without pain. I’m much more bendy in the hips, now.

Organize items in attic, have yard sale…done! And, our yard sale made the local news to boot.

Nest more…I accomplished more of this than I expected. Still have a lot I want to do in my home, but, baby steps.

Spend time doing things that make me happy…didn’t nail this quite as hard as I would have liked. I did make the trip to Arizona for the 3 Doors Down concert, and, I spent time with The Girls at Stampede, but, I think there is room for improvement in this area. For sure.

So, tomorrow, I will list my resolutions for 2014. I’m looking forward to setting some new goals and in seeing how well I do in reaching them. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take until the final months of the year for me to do so.

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