Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So Long, 2013. I Doubt I'll Miss You

I am very much looking forward to showing 2013 the door; it hasn't been my favorite year. While nothing majorly bad has happened to us (thank you, God), it has been an unsettling and frustrating year, nonetheless.

The economy is still bad enough that the hardware store can't get ahead and I am tired of fretting over how we will keep the lights on. And, while I doubt that there will be a major turn around in 2014, I am willing to give the year the benefit of the doubt.

Of course, The Teenager has no such reservations, and, is looking forward to the New Year since the change in one simple digit on the calendar makes the reality of her upcoming graduation that much more tangible. I am already feeling the reality of that particular situation, however, as I am the one who will be filling out financial aid forms and freaking out about the cost of college. I am also quietly freaking out about how I will manage in a household full of testosterone with no additional estrogen to balance things out, but, compared to the financial piece, that is only a small worry.

The Man-Cub hasn't indicated an opinion about the New Year in either direction; I wish I had his peace of mind.

Anyway, we plan to celebrate the holiday at home with friends, much like we always do. Then, tomorrow, we will hit the slopes for our annual (semi-annual, depending on the year?) sledding excursion, followed by dinner with Oscar and Emily.

At some point, we will also eat black eyed peas for luck and cross our fingers for a good year.

And, there will also be prayers, of course, because I like to cover all my bases.

Happy New Year!

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