Wednesday, October 21, 2015

It's All About the Shirt

I just finished hosting the monthly meeting of the Booster Club. This evening, we were joined by four new recruits! That's like, almost DOUBLE our previous membership. What prompted this influx of new volunteers? The shirt! It really is all about the shirt.

By making it exclusive to Booster Club members (we are working on a DAD shirt, lest you think us sexist), we created a demand, and, we aren't too proud to exploit it.

Also, we are fun, so, while the shirt may have been the lure, the party was the hook that reeled them in; it's not for nothing that I have a good sized wine collection, after all.

It really is a shame that we didn't figure out this formula earlier; just think of all the funds we could have raised by selling commemorative wine glasses or something....wait...that is brilliant!

I better write that down before I forget it.

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