Sunday, October 25, 2015

They Did the Mash...They Did the Monster Mash

Last night, my ASTRA co-sponsor and I chaperoned our annual Halloween Zombie Prom. We had a great turnout and actually made more money than we have on any Prom yet. Money isn't really the object of the event-well, it is, I mean, it's a fundraiser, after all, but, yeah-having that many kids there having fun was the bigger reward.

The kids went all out on their costumes and make-up this year, and it was neat to see them so excited.

After the dance, the kids split into several large groups, some went to the local diner for a late meal, some went to the local corn maze (It was being haunted by the volunteer fire department last night as it's annual fundraiser), and some went to make out in their cars (I'm guessing (safe guess!)).

I went home and fell into a coma on the couch while waiting for the Man-Cub to get back from whichever thing he had chosen to do (Note: He was flying solo, so, no making out for him).

This knocks another goal off my October list, and, as I said earlier, we raised a bit of money for our next literacy project. Couple that with the pumpkin patch earlier in the afternoon and it really was a perfect fall day.

Tonight, we are carving our pumpkins, which means roasted pumpkin seeds for snacking on and creepy Jack-O-Lanterns on the porch.

I have mentioned that I love fall, no?

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