Saturday, October 17, 2015

Picking at the Pea

I spent this morning in the company of two fabulous ladies: my co-worker, Kortni and her cousin, Jorie. Together, we hit an antique sale/flea market that takes place about three times a year in an old general store in Pea Green, which is a small community located in the farmlands outside of Petticoat Junction.

I have only been to the show one other time, and, that was several years ago, so, I was a little worried about getting lost in the cornfields on the way; the advertisements, however, had promised Can't Miss signage leading to the store, and, damn, they were not kidding.

We had no difficulty whatsoever navigating the country roads. As an aside, at what point, exactly, do you think that I will be totally familiar with the community that I live in? I mean, it has only been seventeen years....and, I digress.

The show/sale was AWESOME and we all three came away with some really great finds. I also ate the best donut that I have had since I was a child, when my Grandma Molly used to make homemade donuts as a treat on Sundays. Today's pastries came courtesy of the women from the local Mennonite community and they were truly To. Die. For.

In addition to the dazzling of my taste buds, the sale provided a feast for the eyes, in way of clever displays set amid the glory of autumn's colors. The scent of carmel apples and kettle corn, popping away in an old- timey popper, completed the experience.

It was a phenomenal way to spend a fall day. And, as I mentioned, I got to do it in great company.

As for the great finds that I mentioned earlier?

I lucked out by finding exactly what I was looking for; an old window frame to refurbish to mount in the wall in my new scrapbooking room and antique glass knobs for the new cabinets in that room. The old machinist's tool box was a bonus find, and I intend to clean it up and use it for storing small scrapbooking embellishments.

I can hardly wait to get started on the room (cabinets and countertop have been ordered and should arrive within the next few weeks!). I also can hardly wait for the next Pea Green show, but, since that is six months away, I guess I better chill out.

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