Friday, October 30, 2015

Who You Gonna Call?


I love my co-workers. Who else could I spend a solid month plotting and planning Halloween costumes with? And, who else would think to download the theme from Ghostbusters to play on a cell phone when we made our grand entrance at the office Halloween party? No one I can think of. Kort even spent countless hours crafting the ghost costume to our lone male counterpart's exact specifications, so that he would be recognizable as the Ghostbusters logo and unrecognizable as himself. It goes without saying, she did a fantastic job.

After the party at work, we hit the streets of Hooterville, reverse Trick-or-Treating at the offices of our partnering agencies. The cops were thrilled to see us coming, as were the staff members at the courthouse, the employees of City Hall, the librarians at the library, and the senior clients of the Alzheimer's daycare. Sadly, the only people who seemed to take no joy in our visit were the social workers at the Department of Human Services; but, they tend to be a sad bunch, in general.

Anyway, we were awesome, and, I have another costume to add to my collection. Heeeyyy, skeleton Ghostbusters, anyone?

Next year.

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