Saturday, October 10, 2015

Tardy to the Party

I got busy yesterday and neglected to do a Favorites post, and, by busy, I mean that I was napping. For four hours; the note about fatigue being a minor side-effect of the flu shot was written in small print, apparently.

Without further delay, Friday Favorites: The Random Edition

Current bloomers :

 Miss All American Beauty

 John F. Kennedy

New football bling, not because I needed new football bling, but, you know, a girl deserves her bling. Am I right?

My newest favorite addition to the Halloween decoration inventory is this sound and motion activated radio, designed to look retro and featuring scary music and advertisements from such sponsors as WitchMart and the Dracula Blood Bank. The radio plays a different ad or jingle each time it is activated, and, while the rest of my family is becoming increasingly annoyed by the sudden squawking each time they walk by, I am loving it. Plus, it looks great sitting next to the sound and motion activated telephone that rings and delivers a spooky greeting each time it is activated. Hey, Halloween decorations only hang around for a month, family; suck it up.

Now, I am off to visit with another one of my favorites; Jules is in Hootervile for volleyball games and I plan to hang with her for a bit. I know I saw her just last weekend, but, a few hours here and there is never enough time.

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