Friday, October 07, 2016

Friday Favorites, Because it's Been a Coon's Age

Trust me when I say; no one has ever been happier to see Friday than I am this week. Which, is why I am going to post about things that have made me happy this week, rather than dwelling on the craptastic stuff that made me so desperate to see it end.

First of all, it is now officially fall here in Petticoat Junction; the weather has gotten decidedly cooler, the smell of woodstove smoke fills the evening air, plaid scarves and boots have replaced skirts and sandals, and there are pumpkins-and pumpkin spice- everywhere.

I'm a fall girl, so, I can totally get behind this. I also love the scent of fall-themed candles, of which I have a new current favorite, Wicked, from Fragrant Jewels and, my old favorite (Harvest, from Yankee Candle).

The Wicked candle smells like Halloween and goes nicely with my Halloween d├ęcor, especially all my witchy accoutrements.

Secondly, my roses appear to think that fall is the perfect time to burst into blooms far showier than anything that I saw this summer, which, is saying a lot.

Then, there is the fact that the birds are back at the feeders, and, while I will miss the hummers, I do love the finches; I wonder if any of the females are from the Mockingbird clan that was born on the front porch earlier this summer?

Another thing that I am love, love, loving is my new housekeeper!

She doesn't do windows, but, the fact that I haven't had to sweep up a cat hair tumbleweed in a week is cause enough for celebration. Without further adieu, meet Rosie Jettson, my new robotic vacuum.

If you've ever considered purchasing one and were put off by the price, please allow me to put your mind at ease, because Rosie? Worth. Every. Penny. In fact, we love her so much, we are actually considering purchasing another one for upstairs.

I would have both an upstairs and a downstairs maid!

I feel like the Jeffersons when they were movin' on up.

Anyway, happy Friday, y'all!

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