Sunday, October 16, 2016

Let's Get to Pickin'

Yesterday, Kortni and I went to this year's Pickin' at the Pea antique sale. As always, there were tons of amazing treasures on display, as well as homemade donuts and kettle corn, and while I abstained from the fresh-baked goodness, I indulged in the treasures with abandon.

My finds included this vintage cloche, which I intend to use in my holiday d├ęcor.

I also picked up another old window to refurbish and use as a photo frame.

And, this chicken feeder was too cute to pass up, so, I am using it in my kitchen window; it pairs well with an old Dr. Pepper crate that Mom picked up for me at an antique store in the Valley, which I am also using to display faux eggs.

I'm so glad Kortni and I discovered the Pea shows; not only are the antiques amazing, and the hunt thrilling, but, it's a treat to drive through winding country roads on a warm fall day, enjoying the wind in our hair and the anticipation of the first glimpse of the signs leading the way to The Pea.

I can't wait for the holiday show!

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  1. I remember the chick feeders from on the farm when I was 5 years old. That makes yours 65 years or so old. Love what you have done with it and the Dr. pepper box. The door is a big one can't wait to see what you do with it.