Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I'm a Proud Member of the Mamarazzi

A few days ago, the football coach's wife posted this picture on Facebook..

...she titled it The Mamarazzi, and, the nickname has since stuck; Booster Club President Extraordinaire and I wear it with pride. In fact, we are working on our press badges, which we intend to wear at the last two regular season games, and, we intend to do it with pride.

Why? Because, I can't count on both my hands the number of kids and parents who have thanked us for the photos that we regularly post on the Booster Club Facebook page; a lot of them have said that, without our photos, they would have none. That breaks my heart; it also makes me even more determined to capture those moments that I know parents want to remember.

So, yes, Mammarazzi and proud of it.

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