Saturday, October 29, 2016

Play-Off Bound!

We got word this morning that the boys pulled the points required to send them to the play-offs (As an aside, this new RPI formula that CHSAA is using is both confusing and frustrating, but, we are in the play-offs, so, I'll live with it)!

As of right now, we don't know where we are going or who we are playing, but we know that we will be traveling somewhere this coming weekend, and, that the boys will have at least one more opportunity to play together. I can't wait to tell the Cub, but, currently he is sleeping, and, since he was out late last night (Annual ASTRA Zombie Prom followed by a trip through the local "haunted" corn maze and a late night dinner at the local diner makes for a very tired boy), I don't want to wake him; the news will keep.

So, the boys will once again don their "away whites" (the grey uniforms they wore on Senior Night were purchased specifically for that game, with the money raised at this year's car wash; the boys will keep the uniforms to remind them of the nights that they played together under the lights).  We will load up the car with stadium seats, thermoses of hot cocoa, blue and gold pom-poms, and fingers crossed for another Pirate victory.

And we will be grateful for the chance to do so.

Let's go, boys!

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