Saturday, October 29, 2016

Senior Night and I Didn't Cry! Boo-ya!

The boys played their hearts out last night, and, while they didn't come away with a victory, they left the field in firm control of the hearts of every single one of their fans, including, of course, their parents, who, have cheered them on since the very beginning.

And, while we won't know until Sunday whether or not we made the play-offs, I sensed optimism in the boys as well as the desire to keep on playing, and, that's what makes a winner, so, either way, winners.

Speaking of winning, my practical side totally won out over my hyper-emotional side; I didn't cry. I may, or may not, have gotten a bit misty when I stood beside the Man-Cub on the field, along with my fellow senior moms (and dads), and, I might have gotten a little something in my eye as I watched the Cub, swaying back and forth and singing the words to the National Anthem prior to the game, but, I didn't have a full-on sobbing breakdown, and, for that, I am grateful.

I'm a really ugly crier.

Now, if I had cried, it would have been completely understandable, I mean, even if we do make it to the play-offs, that's great, but, it was still the last time that we will ever watch our boys play together on their home field. Under the circumstances, crying would have been quite forgivable.

I didn't do it, though.


(Saved that shit for when I got home)

Anyhoodle, here are about a million pictures of our boys, the game they love, the parents who love them, and all of the friendships that have been forged along the way.

I'm going to miss the lights.

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