Monday, September 16, 2013

Homecoming 2013, Day One: Character Day

It's Homecoming week here in Petticoat Junction and the kids are kicking the spirit into high gear. I have been especially excited for this year's festivities, since the Man-Cub will be experiencing his first Homecoming as The Teenager experiences her last, and, needless to say, we will be going all out this year.

Starting with the first dress-up day of the week: Character Day. Each student was supposed to dress up like a favorite character from a book, movie, television show, etc. My kids showed both their school spirit and their love of fairy tales by dressing as Grumpy and The Evil Queen from Snow White.

They were super-psyched about it. I was super-psyched about them being willing to wear costumes that we already owned, thus saving me untold amounts of money and/or a migraine headache on purchasing/making new costumes.

Now, let's hope the rest of the week goes by with such ease.

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